Creativity Classes

The Port Jefferson Music Academy offers an array of creativity classes for all ages. These classes help to develop cultural awareness and artistic expression as well as stimulate intellectual curiosity. Classes in the visual arts, language, drama and screenwriting, creative movement and fantasy dance are being offered.

Please contact us for the current schedule and pricing.

Art & A Survey of it's History for Children:
Teacher:  Kristin Cuomo

Send your budding artist on a weekly excursion to another place and time! Designed specifically for children ages 5 to 7, this program will introduce major western art history themes in a fun, exciting and age-appropriate way. Students will take an imaginative journey to immerse themselves in the lives of the artists or movement that we are discussing, and will seek to understand the connection to our modern lives. From picturing themselves painting the animals that surround them in the dark caves of Lascaux to thinking like an impressionist and seeing a world constructed with light, the children will explore ten significant periods throughout history. Each class will culminate with the students using a new and exciting media to create their own masterpiece based on the focus of the day's class.

Chinese Language Classes for Children:
Teacher: Yow-Ning Chang

This class introduces Chinese Mandarin characters and words through esthetic creative projects and ethnic music. No previous knowledge of the Chinese language is required. In our "Chinese for Children" class, we will immerse students with many aspect of the Chinese culture. We will use sounds-- listening to Chinese language spoken. We will use images -- looking at written Chinese characters, foods and historical costumes. We will encourage them to pronounce what they hear-- singing Chinese songs and repeating Chinese phrases. Each time we meet, there will be a different theme for that day. We will start from topics that are familiar to the students, such as family, pets, colors, music, etc.. Designed around the topic, there will be accompanying impromptu activities to capture their attention and further develop their interest. Curious questions will be answered with solid background of knowledge yet at each child's level of understanding. We expect them to fully enjoy the experience and learn a lot from it.

Acting & Pretend Play
Students will receive a basic introduction to acting by exploring their emotions and actions to portray a varieties of stories. Using different theater and improvisational games, participants will strengthen their imagination and further develop their creativity.

Acting & Scene Study:
Teacher: Suzanne Plave
This class teaches acting and scene study through theatre games, movement, and mime. Students will learn the craft and develop it into scene studies from various plays.

Beginning Screenwriting:
Teacher: Suzanne Plave
Beginning screenwriting guides the student to change their stories into scripts as well as to learn to develop interesting characters and plots.

Suzanne Plave is a director, drama professional and screenwriter. She has directed plays off Broadway and has taught theatre classes to teens and tweens. She has directed the East End Special Players in theHamptons,NY, the Invisible Performance Workshop (New York City), and has directed staged readings at the Jan Huss Theatre in NY. She has done voice overs for MGM Espana and has worked at the Pequeno Teatro Theatre inMadrid. As a screenwriter, she wrote “Art for All” on cable vision, and has written videos forHHC,NY. Ms Plave attended theUniversity ofMadrid Theatre Arts, studied screenwriting and film at theNewSchool, and holds an Actors and Directors lab certificate.

In Grandma's Attic
Direction:  Deborah Baylay

Young Child Music Theory Class
Teacher:  Dan Botaglia

Junior, Intermediate & AP Music Theory Classes:
(students placed according to age & level of experience)
Teacher: Dan Botaglia

Suzuki Pre-Twinkle Violin Class:
Teacher: Monica Behler

String Ensemble
Direction:  Arik Braude

Village Kindermusik:
Teacher: Monica Behler

Our Time Kindermusik:
Teacher: Monica Behler

*Please note that if you are interested in a particular class but the schedule does not work out you may contact us and make scheduling requests. New classes are always being formed according to parent requests.


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